Financial Information

Wem Economic Forum is supported financially by Wem Town Council and Wem Rural Parish Council.


Expenditure will be agreed by appointed Voting Members from:

  • Shropshire Council (1)
  • Wem Town Council (1)
  • Wem Rural Parish Council (1)
  • Local Constituted Groups (1)
  • Local Businesses (5)

Decisions will operate on the basis of consensus; no proxy voting will be permitted. A Voting Member of an organisation which provides funding to WEF has the power to veto any expenditure decision.

Ideally, Voting Members representing Local Constituted Groups and Local Businesses will be appointed annually at the Annual Meeting.

The maximum number of Voting Members will be 9.

WEF will endeavour to balance the organisation type as Voting Members.

Voting Members can nominate a substitute from their organisation to vote in their absence.


Current Voting Members are:

  • Shropshire Council: Cllr Chris Mellings
  • Wem Town Council : Cllr Edward Towers
  • Wem Rural Parish Council: Cllr Tim Wilton Morgan
  • Local Constituted Groups: Mr Oliver Richardson (Wem Civic Society)
  • Local Businesses: Mr Phil Glover (Retail) Mrs Connie Granger (Retail) and Mr Peter Marsh (Agriculture) Mrs Rose Horner (Hospitality).  There are currently a vacancy for a voting member to represent the general business sector.


Year End 31 March 2019

Year End 31 March 2018